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Healthcare leaders focus in 2023

Author • David Wornica

Healthcare leaders focus in 2023

Date: 2023/04/06


Reading the Landscape in 2023

Now that we are a few sips into 2023, lets spend a couple minutes discussing what healthcare organizations and leaders have homed in on the last couple months. Viewing through the lens of a healthcare compliance organization that specializes in OSHA and HIPAA Privacy, Security and documentation, there has been a strong focus on building effective compliance programs.

With that said, in the health care compliance training arena, we have found that our clients are dedicating a significant amount of time and productivity into updating their systems and developing new ones to augment their existing policies and procedures. In the dental compliance field, we are seeing considerable improvements in offices that have focused on their online training.

In mentioning improvements, I’m speaking directly to knowledge of the mandatory written safety programs and their implementation into the practice. Whether I am chatting with a newly hired team member who has started their online training and worked through their on-boarding, or a seasoned staff who has been with us for years, I am hearing echoes of our training programs in all instances.

I had read that knowledge retention via online learning was quite expansive, but it is great to see that ring true when on daily inspections and calls.

Narrowing the Focus

An area of concern for the team at Smart Training this coming year has been the imminent arrival of the updated HIPAA Right of Access (ROA). This current revision is a perfect example of how HIPAA compliance can become even more challenging for our dental compliance partners.

Speaking of healthcare leaders’ focus, I can say with certainty that many influential members of the dental community here in central Texas have mentioned their concerns with the proposed revision and are asking everyday what our updated healthcare compliance training will look like, especially our HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance services.

Focus Redefined

I’ll share with you the same information I give to them; Smart Training will have the most current, precise, and common-sense translation of the revision available. Our clients can rest assured that they will be “well ahead of the curve” as usual with all the necessary documentation, literature and guidance. Here at Smart Training, we know the focus of healthcare providers in 2023, and our goal is to ensure their focus is crystal clear.

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