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LMS Training Courses for Each Industry

Address your industry’s specific training requirements with our LMS training system. Have all your educational and training needs covered, despite the industry and business that you are in.


Learning Management System Online Courses

Whatever your training goals are, Smart Training is built to help you achieve them easily and efficiently.

Give Flexibility to Your Learners

Employees can start and finish the courses at their own pace and adapt it to their own schedule.

Have Qualified Employees

We will fully monitor the employee qualification process such as sending notifications when the training has expired or a new one is required.

Extended Enterprise LMS

Scale Your Team With No Limits

As your team grows, so does our software. You can add new employees with no limits and our software will adapt to the growing size.

Get Valuable Insights

Track and measure the progress of your employees with different reports and get helpful insights about team performance.

What You Get in
Smart Training?


We use innovative technologies and latest solutions to deliver high-quality training courses for your industry.


Our LMS training courses are developed by industry professionals thus ensuring exceptional results.


You can customize our training management platform to meet your strategic needs and company-wide goals.


Our training management software provides automation of many processes, thus facilitating your job.

LMS Training Courses
for Each Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Employers need to ensure that workers are free from all kinds of life threatening risks as they work with large machine tools.

Healtcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions need to continuously improve their skillset to excel the quality of public health, patient care and all medical procedures.

Construction Industry

Construction Industry

As a high-risk industry, companies need to ensure that the working environment is safe and employees are skillful enough to stay out of danger.

Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Working in the retail industry requires employees to be knowledgeable about supply chain management, customer support, logistics and much more.

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