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How to educate and train employees on compliance online

Author • David Wornica

How to educate and train employees on compliance online

Date: 2023/05/09

Dental | 4 MIN READ

Hurdles and Ticking Clocks: Online Training as an Option

Having spent the last several months working with clients across the country, I’ve come to know the struggle that is “finding reliable help.” It seems like folks just don’t want to work anymore. Now, I know a lot of different people say a lot of different things regarding the reason behind it all, but again the struggle is real. Many of my clients who have managed to find that needle in the new-hire haystack almost immediately encounter the next hurdle, training.

Typically, once the new-hire paperwork has been completed and the first training assignments begin a clock starts to tick. That clock I’m referring to is the “how long are we going to train until our new-hire is independent and able to bring increased value/production to the practice?” Yes, it is an uncomfortable truth, but truth, nonetheless.

I mention the “ticking clock” for two reasons. Obviously, the reason I mentioned above, but also the other reason we’ve trained for “X” days and our new hire has left the practice or didn’t “cut the mustard.” So now that new hire leaves the practice and countless precious hours of production have been spent.

One obvious solution to this conundrum is online learning

If we have a process where we can set up our new team members to learn the basics online (everything ranging from compliance policies to safety practices), we can then spend that precious in-person time to educate and train employees on the more physical or in-person aspects of the profession saving you time.

We see so many practices get caught up in all these hurdles when bringing on new team members for training and are proud to be able to provide an effective training solution. We have been helping dental practices develop and implement effective compliance programs for many years, and now more than ever, we see how our online learning program is saving practices time and money. Although you can’t outrun that ticking clock, sometimes you can outsmart it.

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