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That one loose thread: HIPAA Compliance in 2023

Author • David Wornica

That one loose thread: HIPAA Compliance in 2023

Date: 2023/08/15


Sometimes it can be a real battle to simply know where to begin when it comes to achieving HIPAA privacy and security compliance.

Not only is it difficult to find a good starting point in weaving together a solid tapestry, but knowing that the pull of one loose thread could lead to the whole thing unraveling can be quite unnerving. The loose thread I speak of might be an updated requirement, a dissatisfied patient, or onerous new regulations looming in the distance.

Honestly, this is where HIPAA compliance can become even more challenging as a service organization has to essentially perform a “pre-mortem” on a practice to determine where the blind spots are and how to efficiently correct and/or resolve them.

When a practice sets out to educate and train their employees on compliance, it is always with the best of intentions. How could it not be? There are so many folks who whistle past the graveyard of violations or simply turn a blind eye beyond posting the most rudimentary of documents.

I say “pre-mortem” as the practice has likely not yet experienced a significant issue or violation and slid into the “post-mortem” category. Seriously though, violations are incredibly serious and can be the death of a practice. I do not say this to strike fear, but simply as a plain-faced warning. I’ve seen it happen and it happens more than you might think.

Others remove the burden from themselves and find an organization that will handle their HIPAA privacy and security compliance services, which is what I would strongly suggest.

All scariness aside, health care compliance training is only as difficult as one chooses to make it. Many practices may take a training course online and scour the internet for documents, posters, and various written programs. If you are a fan of rolling the dice, this may be “good enough” (until put to the test).

Granted, coming from my background I would always suggest taking the burden away from the office team and enlisting experts. In the dental office we all wear many hats and at times it ALL is a juggling act. Is it wise to expect the team or other providers to tackle regulatory compliance in their “spare” time? Does anyone really want to be on the receiving end of a violation whether willful or unknown?

Enlist a professional compliance service today, I just happen to know of one that can and will handle all your HIPAA and OSHA compliance…Smart Training. Contact us today and we will discuss a solution for your practice.

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