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eLearning course creation mistakes to avoid making

Author • Lia, Content Marketer

eLearning course creation mistakes to avoid making

Date: 2021/07/29

Training | 4.7 MIN READ

We would like to showcase some common mistakes that you should check out and avoid when you start planning and developing your eLearning online course. Take a look at these tips which will help you easily and efficiently build and design your eLearning programs through your learning management system .

Unfocused and overload course content

Too much content may result in cluttered course with so much irrelevant information. Your content should deliver the right message and enrich online learning experience. So, make your content short and precise and avoid overfilling. Try to explain the topic in the best possible way with the least possible words. This way, learners will perceive the course content fully.

Unknown target audience

Making thorough research to know about your learners is necessary, as this is the first step to achieving effective and interactive learning. Before starting your online course, define the primary goals of your target audience and what kind of learning abilities they have.
You should consider the following attributes of your target audience while creating a course for them:

  • Education level
  • Job/position
  • Level of comfort with technology
  • What they need for success

Not giving importance to this research, your whole course will be just a waste of time. Your learners won’t get the needed information and won’t value your eLearning course.

Improper use of graphics and images

Adding too much graphics or irrelevant images in your course can distract and confuse your learners. It may even affect their motivation of learning. One picture is worth a thousand words, but only if it corresponds to your topic and content. The use of many pictures and graphics in content will decrease employee concentration and satisfaction. While designing your course content, make sure that the pictures you choose are appropriate and relevant for your eLearning course. What can you do if you can’t find any suitable image or graphic? You can simply design your own! Infographics are also a great choice, which are the mix of text and image. They are easy to use, catchy and understandable.

Lack of interactivity

Interactivity reinforces online learning. No eLearning course will be entertaining and captivating if it doesn’t include any interactive elements such as videos, audios, animations, multiple-choice quizzes or even real life examples. And lack of these elements results in lack of interactivity. What can you do to make your eLearning program more attractive? One of the most effective features of creating an interactive eLearning course is the choice of the right narrator for your audio files. Pick a voice that speaks clearly and distinctly.

Adding gamification is also a good idea. It attracts, motivates and challenges users. In case of videos, try to create your own video for your eLearning program, because using other URLs in your training from various sources might change frequently and unexpectedly. Make sure you have reliable and demonstrative videos.

Your course can’t be viewed on a mobile

Mobiles are considered to be the main tool for looking up and reading content. When taking an online course, the user expects the content to be flexible and available from anywhere and at ay time, so that they do not depend on computer very much. When you finish making the course, always test it on a mobile to make sure it works ideally and creates good user experience.

Make sure you avoid these mistakes next time when creating an eLearning course!

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