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Steps to implement Social Learning in Corporate Training

Author • Lia, Content Marketer

Steps to implement Social Learning in Corporate Training

Date: 2021/10/14

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Social learning is considered to be an essential process in small to large companies. It plays an important role both for employers and employees. In other words, social learning has a huge impact on business performance and growth. It is the continuous process of learning from other people.

In this blog, you will see some tips that will simplify and develop your corporate eLearning culture. But let’s first define what Social Learning is and the benefits of it.

What is Social Learning?

Throughout our lives, we have an opportunity to learn new things from various sources: blogs, news, interactive activities, social media applications!

Not only sources but we are also gaining new skills from sessions and discussions with our peers. We usually associate social learning with learning a specific content, however it is a process that we naturally and subconsciously use every day of our lives. From simple communication with others, people may change their opinion, attitude, or even behavior. It happens by observing how people around you react to different opinions.

Shortly, we learn new things all the time from everyone in our unique environment. Sometimes we don’t even notice it. There is no specific definition of social learning, but a lot of explanations show the importance of it in a corporate training process.

Benefits of Social Learning

Organizations should create a supportive learning environment to motivate employees to share knowledge and experience. Behaviours learned through social environments can have a circular impact and inspire others in the same social setting to achieve a desired result. Here are some examples and benefits of social learning:

  • It can create a healthy competition between workers that will encourage them to improve.
  • Presentations, discussions and raised questions will improve the understanding of all the participants.
  • Learning group meetings will solve defined problems and improve skills. Also, online.
  • Employees become motivated to learn success stories, best practices and successful projects and use this information to focus on what needs to be improved.
  • Sharing platforms or communication tools inside the company accelerates the exchange of information between co-workers and improves networking. This is also a form of social learning.

To make the long story short, social learning creates a favorable friendly atmosphere where creativity is boosted and employees can easily obtain new skills. Employees can improve their own learning and take advantage of corporate knowledge. They can ask questions about the company performance, goals at the same improve employee culture and morale. It facilitates learner engagement, improves peer-to-peer learning, and increases learner satisfaction.

Social learning is a fundamental shift in how people work which broadens individual and organizational reach and talent.

Integrate social learning into your eLearning program

People learn better when their learning experience has social integration. From this, we can come up with the idea, that many learning management systems integrate social elements into their products.

Do you know what are the best ways to integrate social learning into your eLearning program? First, create internal social networks to provide a connection and cooperation through the Internet. The connection between social media and social learning is crucial as social media has sites like wikis, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Employers should encourage employees to be active on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter by connecting and interacting with peers and especially industry experts to build communities and share ideas.

Social interaction plays an important role in eLearning programs. Smart Training LMS has Slack integration which supports the ongoing learning process. Employees can simply connect and interact with each other online. You can use these platforms in your corporate training to boost employee morale. It also has a huge influence on employees’ retention.

Schedule a demonstration to learn more about our training building platform – Smart Training LMS with its social integration.

Did you know? The more captivating your online training is, the better for your employees to remember what they are learning. You have to build a healthy-friendly learning environment to make employees fully energized and passionate about their work.

Another way to incorporate social learning into your eLearning program is to add competitions, discussions, surveys, which creates motivation and inspiration between learners. Every company needs a strategic reward system for employees that addresses compensation, benefits, recognition, and appreciation. It makes work more convenient and enthusiastic. Besides, makes your workplace a better place where employees are inspired and engaged.

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