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With over 25 years of experience in educating people, Smart Training utilizes the latest technologies to deliver training!

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Smart Training’s Learning Management System reduces the effort required to create and deliver training. Employees can access our software from anywhere, and you can train new employees as they join your team.

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How It Works

Create, deliver and track your training!



Upload any type of content into the system, and it becomes a mobile-friendly course.



Course delivery in Smart Training’s LMS is via asynchronous online courses.



Track user progress and see the status of each user through reports.

Main Benefits of Learning Software


Each user can begin and complete courses on their own schedule.

Once a user has been assigned a course, they can start it at any time, from anywhere.


Our software can scale to any size project and adapt to an increasing number of users and courses.

No limit on the number of courses, tasks, events and surveys.

Tracking & Reporting

Track the training progress of the users through our system.

Administrators can see the status of each user through reports.

Content Creation

Upload training in whatever format you have created. Our system will convert your file.

We can convert MP4 videos, PowerPoint slides, and PDF documents into training courses.

Training is an essential element to creating engaged, educated employees. Proper training gives workers the knowledge to perform their job responsibilities and the understanding of the associated standards expected.

Well-trained employees are more confident in their jobs. With training, workers can enhance their competencies to improve their performance. This learning model helps to fulfill your organization’s vision of helping people realize their potential.

Because it’s robust and easy to use, our LMS actually increases employee accessibility to training. Our LMS hosts your training, generates completion certificates, tracks team member progress and notifies you when tasks are completed.

With Smart Training's LMS, you just need to upload any type of content into the system and it becomes a mobile-friendly course. And not only courses but also tasks, events, surveys management and a lot more!

E-Learning Statistical Facts

of organizations

Believe that e-learning helps them increase their competitive edge by keeping up with the changes in their particular market.

of respondents

Chose to create an online program because they already provided an on-campus program in the subject area and wanted to extend it to online students.

less employee time

E-learning takes 40% to 60% less employee time than traditional education.

LMS Pricing

Our LMS pricing was created to help instructors and businesses of all kinds to create and educate for any setting or user size.



8 Users



Save 16% if paid annually $75

up to 50 Users



Save 16% if paid annually $300

up to 300 Users



Save 16% if paid annually $600

up to 1000 Users

* Additional Users, Courses and Storage available for $500/month (paid annually) for each additional 1000 Users, includes +50 added courses and storage.

* Call if you need a Custom Plan Tailored to Your Organization.

Smart Training’s LMS easily integrates with the Business Systems you already use.

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