Smart Training meets your wide scope of manufacturing operations despite the size and scale of your business. Control production, track goods delivery, manage heavy machinery- all with one LMS software that ensures security and safety.


Why Have an LMS for Manufacturing?

Have your manufacturing processes fully covered with our well-developed learning management system. Just run your business and we will take care of the rest.


Employees receive certification upon training completion which is proof of their knowledge and skills. You get notifications and reminders when a certain course is about to expire.


Measure the impact of training courses with different types of reports. Review the progress of your team and improve the course effectiveness based on real-time data.


The manufacturing industry is pretty large in its scope, you can have employees working in different countries and cities. Our training courses are easily available to all employees from any device and place.

Stay Compliant

As a large scale industry, manufacturing has a huge list of requirements starting from manpower to supply of raw materials. With 25+ years of industry experience, we make sure that your business is aligned with all the legal rules and regulations.


Train Your Employees

Skilled workforce is the greatest asset that each manufacturing company can have. Our training courses are aimed at providing all the skills and abilities your employees need to deliver high-quality output without delays.


Ensure Safe Environment

As the manufacturing industry is full of risks, it’s highly important to provide a safe and secure working environment. Our LMS helps your company to be fully aware of all safety practices during production and other work processes.


Ensures Safety for Your Manufacturing Company!

Automate manufacturing processes and implement safety practices with Smart Training.

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