Ensure safety for all worksite processes with LMS construction software. Have everything covered in one central solution starting from equipment handling to materials placement, vehicle moving and much more.


Why Have an LMS for Construction?

Stay away from all kinds of hazards and ensure a safe construction worksite with the LMS. Train your employees, ensure safety and achieve great results.


Smart Training reduces manual work by allowing you to automate a number of processes such as sending notifications, setting up grading options, creating course evaluations and so on.


Employees are free to take the online courses at their preferred date and time. Once they access the platform, the courses will be fully available to them and they can always go back and forth between them.


As a construction company, you have a huge team and it can continue growing as time proceeds. With Smart Training, you can add as many employees as you want, our software will automatically adapt to the increased size.

Have a Simple LMS

Construction workers are not tech-savvy, that’s why it’s super important to have an LMS that is easy-to-use. Our clean interface ensures intuitive navigation, thus allowing everyone to complete online training courses with ease.


Stay Updated About Law Changes

Labor law and construction requirements are constantly changing and not following them can lead to legal issues. Our training courses are regularly updated to be aligned with compliance rules and regulations.


Make Onboarding Easier

When a new employee is hired they can just log in to the LMS and start taking the ready-made courses. This makes onboarding more effective as it puts everyone on the same track right at the beginning.


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Stay away from life-threatening risks with our construction training courses.

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