Smart Training helps hospitals, medical clinics and all healthcare institutions to stay compliant with OSHA and HIPAA rules and regulations. As a powerful and reliable LMS, we provide ready-made training courses covering narrow medical specialization topics.


Why Have an LMS for Healthcare?

Healthcare LMS allows you to provide your employees with timely and relevant training courses that meet healthcare organization’s needs right on time. Educated, prepared and well-equipped staff- this is what you get as a result.

Built-in analytics

Make your training measurable by analyzing different reports about performance. Track employees’ progress, evaluate success rates, and understand which courses are doing well and which ones still need improvement.


As a healthcare organization you have large staff starting from nursing assistants to medical doctors and all of them need to take training. As our courses are online all your employees can access them anywhere and anytime.

Privacy & security

Your organization’s security depends on the information kept. With Smart Training, your data is secure on the cloud and is available only to you. You can feel safe that it isn’t shared with a third party and cannot be disclosed.

Large Content Library

Our large content library includes tons of training courses that cover every healthcare topic starting from how to handle a medical emergency to HIPAA privacy. As a result your employees gain the needed skills and knowledge to improve patient care.


Timely Information

Stay on top of the latest medical information, compliance guidelines and best practices by using our LMS for Healthcare Industry. Have a well-functioning institution by staying compliant with legal regulations and industry standards.


Highly Qualified Experts

We work with compliance experts and medical professionals while developing our training courses. We closely follow OSHA and HIPAA regulations and consistently make appropriate changes to deliver high-quality and on-demand courses.


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