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Dental Training Benefits

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Our Training Courses

Basic Dental Radiography Safety

This training module outlines dentist responsibilities and guidelines of radiation safety in the dental office.

Dental Essential Elements of the Globally Harmonized System

This OSHA required training covers the 16 physical hazards identified by the Globally Harmonized System, the 7 essential components for labeling products...

Dental Office Safety

This training module covers different aspects of office safety. You will learn about dangers such as environmental, muscular skeletal disorders, and non-life-threatening and life-threatening emergencies.

Respiratory training

These training modules include the elements needed to implement and maintain a proper respirator usage program, including requirements, responsibilities, and evaluations.

Dental Bloodborne Pathogens & Sharps Safety

These training modules will help users to be aware of potential medical hazards in the workplace and act properly on site to promote a safe environment.

HIPAA 101 - Dental

This training module explains why HIPAA was established and what it requires. It emphasizes the importance of keeping patient data secure and identifies who is responsible for patient information.

Dental Nitrous Oxide Safety

In this training module, you will learn the concerns, risks, and benefits of using Nitrous Oxide. You will learn the correct operation of scavenging systems and the safety protocols that should be followed.

Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Dental Workplace

Sexual harassment is a serious challenge in any work setting, but it can be especially so in the dental environment. This training module is designed specifically for dental office challenges.

Infection Control

In this training module, you will learn how infections can be transmitted and the standard precautions to minimize the risk of infection. You will be introduced to different types of bloodborne viruses.

What’s Required for OSHA

Your practice is a workplace, and subject to OSHA-regulated safety concerns and patient privacy laws. This module offers guidance on what’s required for your office to become compliant.

Medical Emergencies - Dental

This training module focuses on the skills needed to identify, evaluate, and manage emergency situations in the dental office. You will understand the importance of knowing each patient’s medical history.

Dental Privacy Officer

Your dental practice must include a Privacy Official—that is the law. Understanding the requirement is the easy part. For many practices, the hard part is determining what comes next.

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