Communication Tools - Smart Training Features

Automated Notification System

Automated notifications are sent when training is required or about to expire.

Integrated emails, notifications, text messages and reminders will ensure the easy training process of all your staff members. You won’t need to use any other software or tool to organize your staff communication in the training process.

Users receive an email notification whenever they are assigned a new course. Reminders can be set up so the LMS will send email notifications automatically to users regarding the upcoming expiration of training modules. Smart Training can set up templates for other custom notifications with special messages; alternatively, administrators can also create notifications. Reminders are sent any chosen number of days ahead of the due date. Additionally, escalations can be set up so that administrators can also be notified and made aware of which of their users have outstanding courses with upcoming expiration dates.

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In the Smart Training LMS, quizzes can be created inside a course.

Our development team can customize the question options for your organization. We can also customize the grading options, such as if you want the quiz to be scored as the user completes it or scored upon completion of the entire quiz. In either scoring method, the user will immediately know what score was achieved.

Our system allows users to retake any part of the course or just the quiz, and it tracks all attempts, both failed and passed.

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Surveys & Insights

From gathering feedback from clients to getting key insights from staff, we have got the right tools for you.

Surveys can be standalone or included with a course. A survey can be created and presented to a user after completing a course to set up a course evaluation and feedback mechanism. Administrators can access the survey results in a report inside the LMS, or results can be automatically emailed to a specific email address.

Smart Training desires for the course creation process to be as easy as possible. If you have a course that has regular, minor changes, you can save time in the course creation process by maintaining the course with a Survey that will update the associated course. It is also possible to make a Survey public so that you can send it as a link to be completed anonymously by guests, people who do not have an account in the LMS.

We also offer Insights, which helps you capture and measure data over time on your employees’ personal and job satisfaction. This information helps your management identify issues before they become a problem.

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